Personal Touch at Starbucks

We have a Starbucks near our home, which our daughter frequents regularly. During the summer holidays she was away from Japan for a few weeks, and on a couple of occasions when I went there for coffee, I was asked by the staff when she would be coming back.

A few days ago my wife went there and, along with her beverage, was given the following note:


The Japanese says they are thankful for our business and urge our daughter to practice her Japanese with them.

A personal touch that is not uncommon in Japan. A few months ago I wrote about another Starbucks employee who was particularly attentive to one of his customers.

What a far cry from the apathetic, sometimes even surly, Starbucks employees I encounter during my trips to the US. But then again, I’m not as cute and friendly as our daughter…

(This is a post in the series “Why Japan is the Closest Place to Paradise“)


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