Why Japan is the Closest Place to Paradise

A couple of weeks ago, a friend complained on Facebook about a bad experience with a taxi driver in Osaka. One of the comments on his post read as follows (sic): “Folks, do calm down please. We’re as near as it’s possible to be to paradise. Consider most other places on Earth“.

That comment made me think how true that is. Japan is indeed as close to paradise on Earth as possible. Evidently, that is a subjective statement. It is based solely on my experiences, having lived in three countries and visited tens of countries. I’m sure there are people who will disagree.

So I’m starting a new series of blog posts entitled: Why Japan is the Closest Place to Paradise.

These will be short posts about daily aspects of life in Japan that will try to explain why living here is probably the closest a person can come to experiencing paradise while still being alive (assuming, of course, there is a paradise; because if there isn’t one, Japan  would be paradise itself). These are not going to be posts about the “big stuff”. They will focus on the small things that make up the mundane, everyday aspects of life. After all, we live most of our lives doing these mundane and common things, so the sum of them all largely determines the quality of our life.

(PS – My daughter pointed out that the small things in life do not necessarily determine where it is better for one to live. Things like family, friends, society, etc. are at least, if not more, important. Of course I agree. To clarify, I’m not saying that Japan is the best place to live. That is obviously an individual preference, a product of many factors. What I’m saying is that in many aspects of daily life, Japan is hard to beat. Thank you to my daughter for alerting me to this clarification).


16 thoughts on “Why Japan is the Closest Place to Paradise

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