Zozo-ji Temple – Candle Night

Zozo-ji temple is a Buddhist temple in the Shiba neighborhood of Tokyo. It sits at the footsteps of Tokyo Tower. Every summer, the Candle Light event takes place at this temple. I had a stroll through the temple grounds this evening.

The event started in 2003 as part of a movement launched by an environmentalist group, under the slogan “Turn Off the Lights, Take it Slow”. Thousands of candles are lit in the temple grounds, and the walkway leading to the temple is filled with shops selling produce, organic food and… candles. At 20:00, after an inevitable countdown, the lights of Tokyo Tower go off and there is live music on an almost dark stage, lit mostly by candles.

The fact that most of the food stalls use electricity and the vendors at the various stalls use their iPhones to provide more light, takes away somewhat from the “all candle” atmosphere. Still, it’s a neat idea and the atmosphere here is both lively and relaxed.

Here are some pictures I took this evening:


Entrance to the temple: “1,000,000 people at Candle Light”


Stall selling by candle light


Candle-lit stage


Tokyo Tower before 8pm


Tokyo Tower after 8pm



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