Different Standards

A couple of months ago it was revealed that the governor of Tokyo, Yoichi Masuzoe, was using his official car to be driven to a weekend cottage. He was also accused of using public money for private spending, such as gifts for his family and accommodation in high-end spas. The investigators who looked into these expenses – which amounted to a few million Yen (tens of thousands of US dollars) – stressed that this conduct was improper, but not illegal.


A few days ago, following a public outcry, the governor resigned from his position over an expenses scandal.

Now, imagine the following heading: “Israeli PM Netanyahu Resigns Over Expenses Scandal”. Hard to imagine, right?

Netanyahu and his wife have been the subject of various investigations about improper (perhaps even illegal) use of public funds. The accusations include expenses in their private residence in Caesaria (aromatic candles, pistachio ice cream) to double-billing of flights abroad for family members, and more. True, nothing has been proven in court yet – also because Netanyahu deftly placed several spineless Attorney Generals in office – but the mere allegations are such that an honest politician would have resigned long ago. However, King Bibi and Queen Sarah rule on.

Different countries, different standards.

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