The Making of a Hero

Actor Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a Thor, in “The Avengers”) recently lost his wallet at the airport.

A 17-year-old found it and mailed it to the actor, with the money inside. The actor was so moved by this, that he gave the teen the money that was in the wallet, plus a recommendation letter. Ellen DeGeneres, who ran the story on her show, gave the teen a new wallet, plus a $10,000 scholarship from Shutterfly to help him with college tuition.

The media loved this story. The Huffington Post huffed and puffed about it, concluding its piece with: “Proof that no good deed goes unnoticed”. Many are calling the teen a “hero”, no less.

All I could think of when I read this was how this would never make the news in Japan. Why? Because returning a lost wallet here is simply what people do, all the time. See below for a reminder.

I guess giving out $10,000 to each of these Japanese “heroes” is out of the question…



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