Periodicals in Israel

In the last few years, no less than four Israeli periodicals which I read on a regular basis shut down (אודיסיאה, ארץ אחרת, צהר, תכלת).  Two other periodicals (דעות, אקדמות) also ran into difficulties and their regular publishing schedule was disrupted.


I’m guessing this is the result of a deadly combination of the “death of print” and a general decline in readership in an already small market. If it were only the issue of print vs. online, perhaps these publications could have survived by moving online. But it seems to me (although I don’t have hard facts) that there is also a dramatic decrease in the willingness and capability of people to spend time reading. In the age of 140-character tweets, who has the patience to sit down and read a 6-page article?

Whatever the causes, for me personally this is very sad. It feels like the drying of a well of intellectual waters.

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