So Long, Nataraj Osaka

Nataraj is one of my favourite restaurants. Certainly my favourite in Japan, where my options are limited. It is an Indian Vegetarian restaurant, with two branches in Tokyo, one in Nagano and one in Osaka.

We used to visit the Tokyo branches regularly during the years we lived in Tokyo. Since moving to Kobe a few months ago, the Osaka branch became our default spot for dining out.

Sadly, the Osaka branch is closing down tomorrow. We had our last dinner there today and officially said goodbye. Fortunately, the two local waitresses – whom I’ve known for more than 13 years now (they used to work in the Tokyo branches) – will be moving back to Tokyo.

I’m still hoping that one day soon the owner of Nataraj will re-open the Osaka branch. Or even better, a Kobe branch!

So long, Nataraj Osaka, and thank you for all the curry!

Nataraj Osaka 2 Nataraj Osaka 1


One thought on “So Long, Nataraj Osaka

  1. what is the reason the restaurant closed? i stay often at the osaka hilton, a 5 minute walk from the breeze-breeze building. i was shattered when i got the unfortunate news. i too share your sentiment that one day an osaka location will re-open.

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