Let’s Not Get to 50 Years

The International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague decided to start probing possible war crimes committed by Israel in the Palestinian Territories. Needless to say, the Israeli reaction was furious, with Prime Minister Netanyahu threatening to reduce trade with Europe and Foreign Minister Lieberman threatening to disband the court.

Let’s ignore the empty “Biberman” threats and focus on the real issue for a moment. For years, many have cautioned that this day will come. Israel cannot continue to occupy millions of people against their will and expect to get away with it. Maybe a couple of centuries ago that would have been possible, but not in the 21st century. Unfortunately, most Israeli governments overlooked the big picture and have opted instead for a continuation of the status-quo, ignoring the fact that time is working against Israel.

I too think that the ICC’s decision is ridiculous and smacks of ignorance and hypocrisy. Sadly, though, I welcome it. Just as I welcome sanctions against Israel. Sometimes a bang on the head is needed to knock sense into someone. If Israel is incapable of disengaging itself from the death grip it has been perpetuating for so long, hopefully others will help it see the light.

The government that Israelis will elect in a couple of months will likely be the government that marks 50 years of occupation. I hope Israelis vote for a government that will do its utmost not to reach that dismal anniversary date.

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