True Face of the Likkud

Some of my friends expressed shock and dismay at the results of the Likkud party primaries in Israel yesterday. They were especially horrified that MK Miri Regev was elected to the 5th place, the first woman in the list, and almost certainly a future minister.

I am actually happy that Regev made it to such a prominent position in the Likkud. It exposes the real face of the Likkud and the people who vote for it. No longer can Likkud hide behind people such as Benny Begin or Dan Meridor, who provided a modicum of respectability and decency to an otherwise lowbrow group of MKs. The fact that Regev (and Ze’ev Elkin and Danny Danon) are in the top ten spots in the Likkud is a blessing, as now everybody knows exactly what this party represents. Zabotinsky and Begin must be rolling in their graves.

Here is a short reminder of Regev in all her glory:

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