Right is the New Black

Many Israeli politicians of Mizrahi origins have built their career on a platform of so-called discrimination: “because we are ‘black’ (a reference to darker-skinned mizrahim) we are discriminated against, so we must form our own party or get a guaranteed seat in an existing one”. David Levy, Aharon Abuhazera, Arye Deri and others have perfected this approach to considerable personal political gains.

Now it’s time for the right-wing politicians to do the same. Today, we heard from Yinon Magal, a journalist, announcing he will be joining the right-wing Jewish Home party. His main message, in various interviews, is that the media in Israel is controlled by the left and therefore right-wing politicians don’t get as much media time as left-wing ones. To save the situation he is “jumping into the water” and joining a right-wing party. Rumours are he’ll get a guaranteed place in the next Knesset.

Never mind that Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked, the two senior politicians in the Jewish Home party, enjoy the highest exposure rates in the local media. Never mind that the most widely read newspaper in Israel is the right-wing rag Israel Today. Never mind that if one browses through radio stations during peak listening hours, most of the talk shows are right-wing oriented.

Magal is aware of these facts. He is simply re-purposing an old and proven tactic to catapult himself into politics. Mizrahi “discrimination” is dead; long live right-wing “discrimination”. Right is the new black.


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