“Harsh” Rules for Cashiers

I have written before about customer service levels in Japan and in Israel. Today, I came across a news item on YNET that is a perfect example why service levels in Israel will never come close to those acceptable as the norm in Japan.

The story (here, in Hebrew) is about a customer who saw a list of rules for cashiers working in a store. He was “stunned” by the harshness of these rules and rushed to publish the list and complain to the press.

Here are some of the “shocking” rules he complained about:

  • Come to work wearing closed shoes and white shirt.
  • No eating, chewing gum or drinking out of open cups.
  • No talking with other cashiers.
  • No cellphone.
  • Always treat the customer politely, even if he’s rude.

Granted, the rules were not written in the most polite language and there is a distinct overuse of exclamation marks. But if such rules are considered harsh – and by a customer, who is supposed to benefit from better service – then it is painfully obvious Israelis have no clue about what proper customer service is all about.

So I guess they deserve to continue being served by improperly-dressed, loud-mouthed, gum-chewing, Facebook-checking, rude employees.

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