Feiglin the Demagogue

I’ve been following MK Moshe Feiglin through his Facebook page for some time now. Mainly out of curiosity and general knowledge. A bit like those who studying fascist Germany to learn what to avoid and which mistakes not to repeat.

Feiglin rarely surprises me. His opinions are pretty standard for those inhabiting the murky waters of the extreme far-right end of the Israeli political spectrum, albeit with a touch of pseudo-liberalism (which unsurprisingly evaporates into thin air when it concerns non-Jewish citizens of Israel).

Yet today Feiglin managed to surprise me a little. In the heated discussion around the controversial “Jewish State Bill”, he stooped to scrape the bottom of the demagoguery barrel. Here is what he wrote:


Basically, he compared his military service to that of Yair Lapid, head of the Yesh Atid party and an opponent of the bill. Feiglin served in a combat engineering unit (that’s him in the picture, with the beard and glasses). Lapid served as a journalist in a non-combat unit. Feiglin accuses Lapid of avoiding a “meaningful” military service – unlike his, of course – and of opposing the bill in a false pretense of defending democracy. No less.

I guess Feiglin’s nationalistic fervour got the better of him and shedding the thin veneer of pseudo-liberalism he so proudly wears for political purposes. I guess once a fascist, always a fascist.

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