Chickenshit is a Matter of Geography

We all know politics is a matter of geography. Some say that pornography is a matter of geography. Now it turns out that “chickenshit” is also a matter of geography.

In recent years, the right in Israel has been very vocal in expressing its dismay from Prime Minister Netanyahu’s inability to make tough decisions: no action against Iran, not enough building in the West Bank, not standing up to Europeans and other antisemites, etc. Netanyahu has demonstrated his hesitant nature time and again, preferring inaction to anything that requires a tough decision. And his coalition’s right-wing partners have not minced words when criticizing him about it.

Yet now, when purportedly some U.S. official dared call Netanyahu a “chickenshit” who doesn’t match his talk with action, the right has sprung up to defend the virile masculinity of our Prime Minister. Pictures have sprung up on social networks showing Netanyahu in uniform and Obama smoking a cigarette (or some other supposedly “chickenshit” pose). Ministers have urged a firm response to this insult.

So it turns out that “chickenshit” is also a matter of geography. Netanyahu is a “chickenshit” only if Israelis say he is.

One thought on “Chickenshit is a Matter of Geography

  1. You’re hitting the nail there! Since Netaniyahu is the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Israeli’s have a right to criticize him, but even they must watch their mouth. US officials, on the other hand, also have a right to an opinion but are bound by rules of diplomacy. Expressing their opinion and the words they choose have more implication than a private comment or even an inter-Isralei dispute. These words are an offence of the Israeli Prime Minister (and this language is more appropriate for a school yard bully) and as a consequence an offence to the State of Israel. So I hope this incident will serve as a warning to whoever it was that used these words – bite your tongue, since it is not just about you but about interstate relations.

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