Prime Minister Netanyahu is fast becoming the most impotent person to have held the top position in Israel.

We are used to his impotence in issues concerning the peace process: during his long tenure, zero progress has been made on this front. We have also become used to his impotence in issues concerning national security: after crying wolf several times over the nuclear threat from Iran (including the stand-up show at the United Nations with a cartoon bomb), most Israelis don’t believe he will do anything about this threat. And on the personal front, his impotence when it comes to his wife is common knowledge, with his actions in the recent Presidential election reaching new lows in this area.

Now it turns out Bibi is impotent also when it comes to his alleged area of expertise: terrorism. The man who wrote a book advising the West how to defeat terror; the man who doesn’t miss an opportunity to lecture the world about how to deal with terrorists; the man who threatens, on a daily basis, to put an end to Palestinian terrorism – the very same man is now impotent in face of a barrage of terrorism from Gaza.

Citizens in southern Israel have spent the last few days in and out of bomb shelters, and the government led by Netanyahu has done precious little to provide them with even a semblance of security. Such impotence, so predictable yet so disappointing.

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