I’ll Say It Again

Those who follow my blog know that I love Japan. Here’s another (small) reminder why.


I landed at Haneda airport late this evening and was too tired to take the train. So I hopped on a taxi to take me to the hotel. When we arrived the meter read just under 11,000 Yen (about $110). I handed the driver the money, but he said “no” and handed it back. He took out a calculator and tapped in 9,200 Yen, saying in broken English: “Special Package, Discount”.

Turns out this taxi company (Nihon Kotsu) has a special deal from Haneda airport. The deal wasn’t advertised anywhere at the airport or in the taxi, and the driver didn’t tell me about it beforehand. He could have taken the full fare and I would have been none the wiser.

Now I ask you: where else in the world can such a thing happen with a taxi driver and a foreigner? The answer is easy: nowhere.

So I’ll say it again: I love Japan!

PS – The taxi also had a new service I saw for the first time: free chargers for the iphone in the back seat (a Lightning cable, a MicroUSB cable and 2 USB ports). Nice touch.


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