The Smoke Screen Worked

Anat Kamm was released from prison today.

Anat Kamm

After being indicted for “severe espionage” Kamm signed a plea bargain and was not charged with any crimes against national security, only with leaking classified materials. She was sentenced to 4.5 years and, after appealing, the sentence was reduced to 3.5 year (with the time spent in house arrest deducted from this sentence). Today, following the parole board approval, she was released.

I believe the short sentence and the early release prove what I wrote back in 2010.

Kamm committed a crime, but the decision to charge her with “severe espionage” and implying her actions endangered soldiers’ lives, was nothing but a spin by the authorities, keen on diverting attention away from the violations Kamm exposed. All in all, the smoke screen worked. Most Israelis view Kamm as a “traitor” and there is no public debate about the unnecessary, perhaps even illegal, assassinations carried out by the security forces in the occupied territories.


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