Ariel Sharon – A True Leader

Former PM Ariel Sharon has been in a coma for eight years after suffering a stroke, and news from the hospital is there has been a serious deterioration in his medical condition today. One report quotes a doctor saying “it is a matter of days”.

As we know, for quite a while now prophecy is the exclusive realm of fools and children. I’m guessing the doctor quoted above (anonymously) is neither a fool nor a child, so for now we will continue to pray for the health of Mr. Sharon and not listen to predictions. His fate continues to be in the hands of God.

It is too early to write a eulogy for this great man, but any time is a good time to say “thank you” to a true leader, one who has succeeded where most fail. Mr. Sharon had the courage to admit that changing circumstances have rendered his previously held beliefs obsolete, and then to embrace and execute upon a revised ideology at a heavy personal cost.


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