Après Moi, le Déluge

Elections in Israel are a week away. Barring divine intervention, the right-wing bloc will win and Netanyahu will continue as Prime Minister.

One of the recent election clips by the Likud-Betenu party is called “We Are Proud”. It purports to show the achievements and successes of the current government: world sanctions against Iran, the border fence with Egypt, economic growth, new jobs and low unemployment, etc. In short: life is wonderful, thanks to us.

Watching this clip I was reminded (hat tip: tofes360) reading about the ad published by the left-wing government in September 1973, a month before the elections that were supposed to take place a month later. It talks about the calm security front, a united Jerusalem, the building of new settlements in the West Bank, etc. All a result of the Labour government’s solid leadership and long-term vision.


A couple of weeks after this ad was published, the very same leadership found itself scrambling for Israel’s “non-existent” nuclear weapons, contemplating a last resort strike as the Egyptians and Syrians were advancing towards the center of the country. The country, under the very same Labour government, came as close as ever (before or since) to being obliterated.

Which just goes to show: when the government tells you everything is oh-so peachy, it’s time to check where the nearest bomb shelter is.


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