In Good Company

So it’s four more years for Obama.

As I wrote earlier, I believe this is a good thing for Israel. I’m hoping Obama will do a better job in “knocking heads” in the Middle East and forcing the Israelis and the Palestinians to work out a deal that will prevent Israel becoming a quasi-Apartheid state. His domestic tasks seem so gargantuan in nature (if I hear the term “fiscal cliff” again today I will scream) that I sincerely hope he will have the time and energy to also help us help ourselves.

Bibi’s gamble with the result of the US election backfired. This can be a blessing in disguise should Obama vent any pent-up grudges against the gambler from Jerusalem to nudge him to make the right decisions for Israel.

Until then, Bibi can find some consolation in this international poll. He was not alone in wanting Romney to be the next US President. There was one other country that rooted for the Republican candidate: Pakistan.


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