Obama is Good for Israel

In two days’ time Americans will decide whether Barack Obama deserves another four years as President or it’s time for change, replacing him with Mitt Romney.

Watching from the sidelines and taking the narrow perspective of “what’s good for Israel”, I believe Obama is the right choice.

I say this because:

  • Obama has already made his mistakes with regards to the Middle East (and God knows has has made quite a few). Being a smart guy, there is a good chance that he is learning from his mistakes. Some of his recent policies, such as leading the global sanctions on Iran, seem to indicate this is the case.
  • The last thing Israel needs is a “yes man” at the White House who will continue backing Israeli policy in the West Bank. We are running out of time, sliding towards a two-nation state or a quasi-Apartheid state. If at all possible (a big “if”), it is about time the US knock some heads around here. I don’t see Romney standing up to Bibi.
  • Generally, what’s good for the US (mostly on the economic front) ends up being good for Israel. And from recent economic indicators it would seem that Obama is on the right track to mend the US economy.
  • Last, but not least: Bibi is very keen on Romney getting elected. There can be no better sign that the opposite would be in Israel’s best interests.

So I’m holding my fingers crossed for Obama. Four more years.


One thought on “Obama is Good for Israel

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