Fascist Propaganda in Disguise

Naftali Bennett, head of the “My Israel” party-to-be, posted a solution to the West Bank problem on YouTube:


This is an example of propaganda made pretty by talented graphic designers. Consider the following “errors”:

0:32 – “Rockets from the West Bank into Israel.” And who will guarantee there will be no rockets from A and B areas, if you let the Palestinians “self rule” there?

0:38 – "Water from the West Bank is 50% of Israel’s water supply". Not only is this not factually correct; desalination will render the water argument moot in a few years.

0:47 – "A Palestinian state will be a magnet for millions of refugees". Last time I counted, there weren’t "millions" of Palestinians outside of Israel. Fear mongering as its shallowest.

1:00 – "Israel will lost its majority between Jordan and the sea". News flash: we already lost it.

1:12 – “A mechanized invasion of Israel from the East”. What is this, the 1960s? Is this really the threat?

1:20 – "A one-state solution will eliminate Israel as the Jewish state". Duh! But isn’t that what the current impasse is achieving de facto?

1:55 – "A, B and C". If only the West Bank were so neatly divided into three rectangular areas. Take a look at the map. Good luck trying to draw a neat border around C.

2:24 – "Self rule in A and B". Ah, nostalgia. Back to Begin’s "autonomy" illusion". What exactly is "self rule"? Will they be able to take in the “millions” of refugees? I guess not. So will the "ruled" agree to this?

2:40 – "Israeli citizenship to the Palestinians in C". And what will you do, Mr. Bennett, when these 50,000 will ask for citizenship for their family members in A and B? I will refuse, I hear you reply. Oops. Apartheid.

I could go on, but I think the picture is clear.

This is nothing but fascist propaganda designed to deflect attention away from the real issues by presenting partial truths and conveniently ignoring inconvenient facts. But who cares about facts when you can draw pretty pictures and use a narrator with a soothing voice?

2 thoughts on “Fascist Propaganda in Disguise

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