The “Miracle Dollar” – Voodoo Judaism

It took a few days, and I was starting to get worried, but finally we have a miracle story to accompany the release of Gilad Shalit.

In short (full story here):

Last year Aviva Shalit received a dollar bill from the wife of a Jerusalem rabbi. This dollar bill was given to the rabbi’s wife by no other than the Lubavitcher Rebbe (who was in the habit of handing out dollar bills to those who visited him). The bill bore the Hebrew date, so the story goes, of 20 Tishrei 5751. Gilad Shalit was freed on 20 Tishrei 5772, exactly 21 years later. The very same day! A miracle indeed!

But as some of you may have guessed from the title of this post, there is something fishy about this story. Let’s take a look at the “miracle dollar bill”:


The handwritten note on the top of the bill says: “To Hanna Kantermann, 21 Tishrei 5751, Wednesday”. The word that is crossed out is Tuesday. A quick check will show that 21 Tishrei 5751 was indeed a Wednesday.

So it’s 21 Tishrei and not 20 Tishrei. Bummer.

Why spoil a good miracle story with the facts? That would not be in line with the best practices of Voodoo Judaism



3 thoughts on “The “Miracle Dollar” – Voodoo Judaism

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  2. Dear Nechama,

    Your comment is actually an excellent example of the hoops people would jump through to “prove” their voodoo Judaism and pseudo miracles are correct. The date on the bill doesn’t match the actual release date of Gilad Shalit? No worries! We shall instead say that the determining time was when he “arrived home”. Pathetic, really, when you think about it.

    (BTW, just to get the facts straight. The helicopter landed in Mitzpe Hila at 16:53. Shki’a that day was at 17:03. So technically he “arrived home” on 20 Tishrei. But don’t panic! We can instead say that the determining minute was when Gilad first went to the bathroom in his house, as a free person, for a relaxing “number two” sit. That surely took place well into 21 Tishrei. Miracle saved!)

  3. Dear Nafka Mina, If you will check on , you will read how chana Canterman originally wrote chof Tishrei, Tuesday, and then realized that the dollars were given after nightfall, which is officially already Wednesday in the Hebrew calender, so she changed it to chof alef Wednesday.
    Interestingly, although Gilad was releaseed on Chof Tishrei, he didnt arrive home and start the celebrations until nightfall, chof alef. I hope you are satisfied that there is nothing “voodo” about this story at all.

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