Waiting for a Minyan

A few members of our synagogue have been trying to establish a new minyan at 08:15 in the morning. The initiative started a few months ago but has not really taken off. On most mornings, the quorum is achieved only by “kidnapping” passersby who are on their way to another nearby minyan, that starts at 08:30.

This morning, my son went to our synagogue for the 08:15 minyan, and out of boredom, while waiting for people to arrive, he recorded the events on his iPod. Here is what he wrote:


(4) 8:25 – Four people.

(4) 8:26 – One contemplates leaving.

(3) 8:27 – And then there were three.

(4) 8:28 – One enters.

(4) 8:29 – The possibility of a Minyan forming is doubted. The members of the congregation are (or at least one of them is) hopeful.
(4) 8:30 – We wait.

(3) 8:31 – Yet another leaves.

(3) 8:32 – Why am I still here?
Oh, to record the events (or lack thereof.)

(3) 8:33 – What events? (Definitely lack thereof.)

(3) 8:34 – Two cars are heard approaching the Synagogue. The same can’t be said about their drivers, though.

(3) 8:35 – Still here, in the hope of shouting at whoever waltzes in 20 minutes late.

(3) 8:36 – Nobody waltzes.

(3) 8:37 – The bigger Synagogue becomes more and more tempting as it beckons us, promising 10 or more people for a Minyan.

(3) 8:38 – That’s it, two more minutes and I’m out of here. The lights and air conditioners are abruptly switched off. Maybe they’ve gone to the other synagogue.

(3) 8:39 – One Mississippi, two Mississippi…

(2) 8:40 – You guys have fun, I’ll see you later.

(1) 8:41 – The realisation that even the man outside has left strikes home.

Sent from my iPod


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