The Myth of Unified Jerusalem

Last month we celebrated the 43rd anniversary of Yom Yerushalaim (Jerusalem Day), a national holiday that commemorates the “unification” of the city following the 1967 six-day war. Israel annexed eastern Jerusalem after the war, and in 1980 the Knesset passed a basic law to declare unified Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

But as I hinted in the post I wrote a month ago, “unified Jerusalem” is a myth. I don’t want to belittle the importance of national myths, but as grown-ups we should look at ourselves in the mirror and face the truth: 43 years on, Jerusalem is far from being one, unified city.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a graphical illustration of this sad fact. The “Jerusalem Festival of Lights 2010” is taking place right now in the Old City. Take a look at the map distributed by the festival organisers, and answer the following question: which area of the map is inhabited by Arabs?

Jerusalem Festival of Light



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