Can’t Stand Them

I’m in the middle of watching Australia (first half I watched on the Boston-Frankfurt flight; second half I plan to watch on the Frankfurt-Tel Aviv flight I’m about to board). Good movie. But it prompted me to write something I’ve been meaning to get out of my system for a while: there are some actresses I simply cannot stand! They ruin every movie they’re in.

Obviously Nicole Kidman is one of them. In Australia she plays this 1930s English lady that saves her late huband’s cattle farm down under. Her acting, especially in the first half where she’s still not used to the roughness of the Australian outback and is supposed to be oh-so shocked by everything, is reminiscent of the acting in third-grade movies like Crocodile Dundee.

And here are some others, just off the top of my head: Meryl Streep, quite possibly the most overrated actress on the planet. Jodi Foster, with that stuck-up, constipated look on her face (I guess it’s stuck there since Clarice). And don’t get me going about Keira Knightley; I have a weakness for British actresses – Emma Thompson is my favourite – but I simply cannot listen to Knightley’s whining voice for more than one minute.

By the way, just in case you’re wondering, this is not a sexist thing. There are also actors I can’t stand. For example, the one-expression nincompoop Hugh Grant. But that’s a subject for another post.


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