1,100 Books and Growing

A few months ago I started cataloguing my library, in the hope of having an online catalog of all the books I possess. I’ve now passed the 1,100-book mark and I estimate I still have 200-300 books to go, most of them sifrei kodesh (religious books), which will probably need to go in manually as these publishers aren’t big on ISBN… I realise that it would be impossible to upload every single volume in my house, but I’m hoping to get close.

I tried to rate most the books I remember reading. I have given 3 stars to most books, as they are just “a good read”. I gave 4 stars to really good books, and 5 stars to books I think are a must read (very few of those). I don’t have many 1-star and 2-star books for the simple reason that it’s unlikely for me to buy a book without knowing something about it first, so the chances of me really not liking the book are slim. But there are some notable exceptions.

Although the statistics are not 100% accurate, I learnt that I have roughly the same number of books in English and in Hebrew (although with the sifrei kodesh the balance will go in favour of Hebrew). I also have only a handful of books in Italian and French; even though I read more in these languages, I don’t actually own these books.

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