– My Library Online

For years I’ve had this dream to create an electronic catalogue of all the books I own. I looked at various software packages but all of them required too much effort and too much time. The improvised solution I use for cataloguing my movie collection (using an Excel spreadsheet…) works well for a few hundred DVDs, but is inefficient for all my books.

So you can imagine the “Eureka!” scream I let out last week when I stumbled upon I kicked myself hard when I saw the site/service has been around for more than two years. And then I kicked myself even harder for not thinking about such a service myself.

The idea is very simple: you enter the book’s ISBN (or, if you don’t have it, some key words like title or author) and the site searches for the book in hundreds of databases worldwide. One click on the book’s title adds it to your online library, including the cover image and various details about the book. The site has several other nifty features, making the entire experience quite enjoyable.

I’ve only just started adding my books to my library (a permanent link is on the right sidebar of the blog), so it’s going to take a while before they are all online. I can’t wait.


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