The Last Fanatic

Here is a new trailer for a movie that does not exist:

“The Last Fanatic” is the latest promotional stunt by The Israeli Initiative, a political solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict promoted by Benny Elon, a right-wing member of the Knesset. They obviously managed to raise considerable amounts of money, by Israeli standards, for this campaign. Most of it, I’m guessing, came from the US, not only from Jews but also from evangelical Christians, who support right-wing movements in Israel in the hope that a Jewish redemption will lead to the Second Coming. An unholy alliance of sorts, but as they say: money has no smell.

Disclosure: Rabbi Elon conducted our wedding ceremony (chuppah). My wife and I used to go to a weekly shi’ur he gave at the university dorms and when we decided to tie the knot, we asked him to do it and he agreed (even though he is not officially registered at the Chief Rabbinate). Four years later, when he was elected to the knesset in 1996 through the Moledet party, we wrote him a letter expressing our disappointment for joining a party that advocated transfer of Arabs. He wrote back to us, very politely. We did not remain closely in touch, but I did visit him at the Knesset last year and was very happy to see him after all these years. Despite disagreeing with his political views, I think very highly of him as a human being and a teacher.


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