A Terrorist in New York

Surprisingly, with all the noise around Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visiting New York and making speeches at the UN and at Columbia University, one obvious question has somehow completely slipped my mind.

Last night my wife, who does not usually follow the news as avidly as I do, turned around from her laptop and asked me: “Are you telling me Ahmadinejad is in the US and is going to leave back for Iran unharmed?”

When you think about it, it is indeed a good question. We have all come to accept the fact that terrorists and heads of state who support terrorism can walk about freely in our countries, whereas we do not even dare think about the possibility of visiting their countries. Think about it: Palestinians can walk about Tel Aviv, have coffee on the beach and shop in the malls, and return home safely to their homes. An Israeli would never dream of setting foot in Gaza City or Ramallah for fear of lynching.

The US has missed a chance to grab one of the world’s biggest terrorists. What a shame.


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