Scientific Proof: We Are Smarter

Several newspapers today are carrying a story about a study published in Nature Neuroscience. The headlines vary, but the basic theme is “the brain of left-wing people is different from the brain of right-wing people”.

Here is the abstract of the study:

Political scientists and psychologists have noted that, on average, conservatives show more structured and persistent cognitive styles, whereas liberals are more responsive to informational complexity, ambiguity and novelty. We tested the hypothesis that these profiles relate to differences in general neurocognitive functioning using event-related potentials, and found that greater liberalism was associated with stronger conflict-related anterior cingulate activity, suggesting greater neurocognitive sensitivity to cues for altering a habitual response pattern.

At long last there is scientific proof that we back-stabbing, self-hating, left-wing liberals are smarter. We seem to react better to complex information and adapt faster to changing circumstances. We also have better “neurocognitive sensitivity”; I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds like a good thing to have!

In other words, I was right all along. In recent years I have mostly refrained from entering into arguments with right-wing people, something I enjoyed doing in the past. After all, why bother arguing with someone if you’ve been scientifically certified to be much smarter than he/she is?

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