The French-Korean Connection

I have written previously about how taxi drivers in France don’t know their way around, and how I have not come across such clueless taxi drivers anywhere else in the world. Well, I now sadly need to report that taxi drivers in Seoul are apparently no better.

I have taken two taxis this week from a well-known hotel to a well-known destination (the headquarters of Korean Air, no less) and both drivers looked at me as if I had given them an address on the moon. Both of them frantically started making phone calls to ask for directions. One of them stopped at two taxi stations along the way to ask for directions. He had a GPS device but for some odd reason it wasn’t turned on. The funny thing is that once they got to Gimpo airport it was I who showed them the way to my destination, as I had remembered it from my last visit to Seoul.

So it would seem Korea and France have at least one thing in common, aside from the fact that both Korean Air and Air France are part of Skyteam…


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