Chomesh – A Holiday Activity

Today, hundreds of right-wing supporters, most, if not all, belonging to the religious right, marched to Chomesh, site of a settlement in the Northern west bank evacuated in 2005 during the disengagement plan. The march was organised in protest of that disengagement, calling for a re-settlement of Chomesh as the first step in the undoing of that cursed policy (the protest is called “Chomesh First”). Many of the protesters reportedly arrived with sleeping bags, intending to stay the night in order “re-affirm our right to the Land of Israel”.

Israelis greeted this piece news with the reaction it deserves: stifling a yawn. After decades of “settlement” activity, resulting in less than a quarter of a million Israelis willing to live in Palestinian territories (the vast majority of whom are anyway willing to leave and return to Israel given the right compensation), the issue of “settlement” has been settled, so to speak, in the minds of most Israelis. We look at the “ideological right” with a mixture of boredom and puzzlement: why do they keep ploughing on when the battle has been lost?

To me, all this protest comes down to this: a bunch of misguided and bored religious children, who are out of school due to the Pessach holiday, and are looking for some action instead of staying home and being told to help with the cleaning. It’s just a shame that my tax money goes to finance this holiday escapade.

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