Shelach – The Will of God (cont.)

Last year, I posted this thought for parashat Shelach. That post generated a small debate with Jameel today – see the comment section there.

More interestingly, this shabbat I read a commentary by rabbi Avigdor Neventzal (“rabbi of the old city of Jerusalem”) for Shelach that was surprisingly similar to the one I heard a couple of years ago from rabbi Amnon Bazak. Surprisingly, because rabbi Neventzal is known for his hard-line right-wing approach, and yet does not hesitate to pose questions regarding the interpretation of “the will of God” in the story of the meragelim and the applicability to today’s political debate.

(This would be a good place to recommend rabbi Neventzal’s “talks” on the weekly parasha, published in a five-book set.)


One thought on “Shelach – The Will of God (cont.)

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