Double Standards

One of the more irritating traits of “leftists” in Israel (and perhaps everywhere) is their inability to admit to their double standards.

After Rabin’s assassination in 1995, they cried foul about the incitement that preceded the murder and produced, as they would have it, the appropriate “environment” for the murderer to act. Images of right-wing demonstrations with placards reading “Rabin is a traitor” and “Rabin is a murderer” were brought as examples of this incitement.

Yet yesterday, in a left-wing demonstration outside the Chief of Staff’s home in Tel Aviv (which made headlines mostly due to the participation of the Prime Minister’s daughter), the demonstrators called Dan Halutz a “murderer” and a “killer of children”. This reminded me of the “mother of all demonstrations” – the 1982 Tel Aviv demonstration following the Sabra & Shatila massacre during the Lebanon war – where Ariel Sharon (later to become darling of the “leftists”) was also labelled as a “murderer”.

Now, how would your average “leftist” react when you dare mention that perhaps calling the Chief of Staff a “killer of children” might also qualify as incitement?

Rhetorical question. I guess incitement, like pornography, is a question of geography.


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