Enough is Enough

In a blistering editorial today on NRG (Hebrew), Amnon Dankner and Dan Margalit (respectively, the editor and a leading publicist of one of Israel’s dailies, Ma’ariv) express their disgust and revulsion at the seemingly epidemic proportions of “the ocean of corruption” among Israel’s political elite.

They do not mince words and lash out at prime minister Ariel Sharon and his sons, foreign minister Silvan Shalom and his wife and at more obvious targets such as the pathetic Uzi Cohen (deputy mayor of Ra’anana) and Pnina Rosenblum (a pesudo-celebrity most famous for her bleached hair and young husbands).

Over a 1,000 comments posted by readers in only a few hours, almost all expressing support, prove that this feeling of disgust is widespread. Although Dankner and Margalit fail to say so directly, it is rather obvious what is in common with all the people they write about: the Likud party.

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