"Thanks" Tails

Drivers all over the world rely on the good will of fellow drivers, be it when they need to switch lanes or exit from a parking space. There are different ways to say “thank you” for an expression of good will on the road. One may lift up a hand in a gesture of appreciation or honk the horn briefly. In Japan, the custom is to turn on the emergency lights (all lights blinking) for a couple of seconds, to let the driver behind you know that you appreciate his good manners.

But now there is no need for all that. There is the “Thanks Tail”, another brilliant invention from Japan. I suppose the inventor got the idea from watching dogs wag their tails when they’re happy or when they want to say “thank you” for a particularly juicy bone. So why not do the same with cars? Why not have the car wag its tail in appreciation?

Enter the “Thanks Tail”:

To see the tail in action, press here and wait for the video to start. You won’t regret it.

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