Science as Proof of God

Antony Flew, one of Britain’s leading philosophers, is 81 years old. For the last half-century or so, he was an ardent non-believer who wrote several books on atheism. Now he says he has changed his mind and believes there is a God. He defines himself as a “deist”; he still rejects the concept of revelation and does not believe God intervenes in our lives or that there is an afterlife. But believe in God he now does.

Interestingly, Flew rejects all the major “proofs” that God exists: ontological (“what there is”), cosmological (“nature”), teleological (“there must be a purpose”) and moral (“what ought to be”). He claims that it was recent scientific discoveries, specifically those emanating from the Big Bang theory, that led him to start believing in the existence of God. Science as a path to proving the existence of God.

Perhaps, in his advanced age, Flew has decided to follow Rabbi Eliezer’s advice in Avot: that we should do Teshuva (repent) one day before we die…


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