Le Sabotage Amoureux, by Amelie Nothomb

I just finished reading Le Sabotage Amoureux by Amelie Nothomb (English title: Loving Sabotage). This is the second book I’ve read by Nothomb. The first was Fear and Trembling.

Click here for reviews of Le Sabotage AmoureuxNothomb’s writing is simple and flowing, yet she manages to surprise the reader with deep insights into everyday situations and happenings. In Le Sabotage Amoureux she writes from the perspective of a small girl, daughter to a Belgian diplomat, growing up in the early 70s in Beijing, China.

Based on her own experiences as a child, Nothomb succeeds to expose the intricacies of a child’s mind and its charming imagination: skirmishes between children become an all-out war, a bicycle becomes a galloping horse and an infatuation with another girl becomes a dramatic love story.

Apparently, Nothomb has become somewhat of a cult figure among readers in francophone countries. It’s easy to see why. Treat yourself to some enchanting moments with this short and delightful book.


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